Eventually we have litters and puppies or young dogs available in three colors: black, yellow and chocolate.

We breed Labradors looking for health, beauty and temperament.

Our puppies are delivered to their new families, after a selection process, having to come personally to pick them up, from 9 weeks of age. So the puppies will have 2 vaccinations, internal and external deworming, microchip and European passport and all the documentation associated with the pedigree and health tests of the parents.

Our puppies are raised at home, with great dedication and care, paying great attention to the health of the mother and puppies, and developing our knowledge and experience to work on the puppies' imprinting. This means that, during the time they are with us, the puppies have acquired and recorded the behavioral patterns for the different situations they will face in the future: meeting and approaching other dogs and people, relating and playing with them, reacting to different stimuli such as noises, vehicles, etc. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

This imprinting phase is crucial until 16 weeks of age. It is very important that the experiences the puppy has during this time are positive, avoiding for example small unsupervised children playing with the puppy or overwhelming it, aggressive dogs that may bite it, punishments that are not directly related to the behavior to be avoided, etc.

We provide you with some written care and feeding guidelines that will facilitate the adaptation during the first weeks.

But as I always tell you, the real relationship with the breeder really starts when the puppy is already at home, and we will always be ready to help and advise you in all the phases of your Labrador's life.

For more information about current or planned litters, please contact me personally.